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New generation happiness ecosystem: CHAMPS

Being your own boss was once equivalent to running a company. But that's not the case anymore... Employees who switched to remote work with the pandemic feel like they are their own boss, and most of them do not want to go back to offices. This is where Champs, a collective center dedicated to producing remote services, comes into play. A business environment where all stakeholders are happy is not uncommon, but Champs achieves this with the win-win approach that underlies its ecosystem. We asked Mahir Tüzün, Founder and Manager, about all the unknowns of the Champs ecosystem.

Marketing Turkiye: Many things have changed with the pandemic, from ways of doing business to employee loyalty. What exactly are the expectations of employees in the new era? At what points do you offer freedom to employees with the Champs platform?

Mahir Tüzün: The spread of the remote working model with the pandemic has turned job flexibility from a luxury to an expectation. New generation business models based on free-time work have created an important economy in Turkey and the world. In the new era, employees prefer companies that are sensitive to work-private life balance and family factors. Many people who have experienced the flexibility of remote work environments do not want to return to the office. In addition, the employee significantly reduces the time spent on the road by not merging into traffic. As the first working platform in Turkey that provides consumer support services to freelancers, we provide many advantages and customizable flexible working conditions from the perspective of brand ambassadors.

Thanks to the ability of independent employees to use a part of their living space as a work area, we can carry out our work without being bound by the boundaries of any physical space, as long as there are means of communication. On the Champs platform, freelance, self-employed entrepreneur, brand ambassadors are literally the boss of their own business. On the one hand, we create income potential for Champs members, who are free entrepreneurs, by bringing them corporate brand projects, and on the other hand, we support their continuous development with the free training and skill tests we offer.

Marketing Türkiye: What tests do people who want to register on the platform undergo? What are your criteria for "trust" in recruitment processes?

Mahir Tüzün: Our industry updates itself every day in parallel with new developments. As a result, a search for new models emerges. For example, finally; With the emergence of a “crowdsourcing” model in customer service, loyal customers are now involved in business processes. Thus, the expert method that is experienced, passionate and most importantly, works remotely using the brands' own products, emerged. Freelance consumers begin to provide services for brands they admire. As Champs, we choose our brand ambassadors in the light of all these developments. Anyone who wants to work freelance can become a member of the system, which operates through a membership format. After completing the membership process, individuals are classified according to their stated skills and experience, and they are better known through online assessment interfaces, skill tests, personality inventories, and video and online interviews. So, there is no question mark left. Members' strengths and areas for improvement are determined and training is sent via e-learning infrastructure. They are supported to become ready to work within the scope of the continuous development strategy. Candidates are matched with the most suitable brands according to their competencies if they complete the training assigned to them through the system within the specified periods and pass the exams successfully. Our employees are thus ready to provide our customers with the best experience possible for end users.

Marketing Türkiye: You call people who sign up for the platform “Brand Ambassadors”. What is the reason for this?

Mahir Tüzün: Champs is a collective center dedicated to producing remote services, where all its employees put their heads together through their individual initiatives. The most important motivation of this structure is to be "the boss of your own business". In this roof, which brings together professionals who do their job like a "boss", all employees will be able to take part in projects according to their own competencies and preferences, freely determine their working hours and conditions, and most importantly, receive full compensation for what they produce. These conditions will be determined by a mutual -explicit- contract for each project and the producer will be invoiced for what he produces and will receive his money. Until now, the most important dream of all stakeholders of this sector was for customer representation to become a profession. Thanks to this new business model, each customer representative will now strive to perform his job with the maturity, wisdom and competence of a "Brand Ambassador". This change is the most important step in turning contact center expertise into a real profession as a "Brand Ambassador".

Marketing Türkiye: Flexible working hours are perhaps one of the most talked about topics of recent times. This situation yields How does it affect the quality? Is it possible to work remotely without reducing productivity?

Mahir Tüzün: As Champs, we have developed an ecosystem that is compatible with flexible lifestyles and based on employee happiness and customer satisfaction. We meet the independent workforce needs of organizations looking to increase productivity, accomplish tasks quickly, and add specialized skills to their teams. I can say that it is possible to work remotely without reducing productivity. For example; We provide a solution to the periodic fluctuations in business volume and the inadequacy of business continuity plans implemented against unexpected crises, with freelance employees. We also prevent employee stress and contribute to increased productivity in the workplace. We offer the ideal solution for customers, from guidance to coaching on a product or even when they need help with pre-sales queries. Remote working platform expertise, with no fixed number of personnel, shifts and waiting periods, maximizes customer satisfaction with brand ambassadors, unlike classical methods.

Marketing Türkiye : A business environment where all stakeholders are happy is not uncommon... What are you doing to realize this commitment?

Mahir Tüzün: The remote working experience enables win & win arrangements for both parties. While developing our project, we aimed to provide a different perspective on the way units or companies working in customer service do business. We have created an area where the relationship between service recipient and provider is established, apart from the relationship between employer and employee, with a competent person, and where the skills of experienced, trained specialist employees are benefited from, rather than salaried employees. We have created an environment where idle times are eliminated and you can work whenever you want, wherever you want, with the resources you want. With this model of Champs, we offer companies savings opportunities of up to 30 percent in customer service costs. In this model, we can create significant savings opportunities in recruitment, training and management costs, as well as location costs. While our platform provides these advantages to companies, it also offers brand ambassadors the opportunity to earn twice as much. Moreover, we offer training content where employees can improve themselves.

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