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Are you ready to become the captain of your own destiny? At CHAMPS, we offer multiple opportunities to work remotely in the customer services industry while providing utmost flexibility and freedom to you so you can work, live, and grow as you like it.

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Become a Champer

We are currently partnering with Recruitee, where you can find our latest job openings and register and apply directly. Opportunities usually include customer service specialists, tele sales experts, technical support professionals, social media support staff and e-commerce or gaming support.

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Flexibility and Freedom

At Champs, we believe in making your vision of your career aspirations and work-life balance expectations match – with flexibility and freedom. This means working from anywhere, at the times you prefer, and for your favorite brands.

Training and Development

At Champs, we believe in giving you the opportunity to learn and grow. That’s why we have introduced our very own Champs Academy, where we focus specifically on soft skills that you need to be able to provide the best customer experiences imaginable. In addition, you will receive training for the job you have applied for prior to your first day there.

Technology and Tools

We want you to be able to handle your workday with the utmost flexibility. That’s why we are using software like Teramind, which signs you in and out, depending on when you’re working and when you want to be off. We also want you to be unincumbered by special equipment. That’s why we are a BYOD-company, meaning that you can use your own devices that will simply be integrated into your favorite brand’s network.

Application and Onboarding

After you have decided to become a Champer and applied, our team of HR experts will analyze your qualifications and conduct a personal or video job interview. Afterwards, you will receive the training you need to start your new job well prepared.


In Turkey, you will likely register your own company (sole proprietary company) and pay taxes as such. In other countries the local laws for sole contractors and taxes apply. During your application process, we will be happy to help you establish that sole proprietary company if you live in Turkey.

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FAQ for Talent

To become a Champer and join our platform, just click on the "Apply" button. From there, select the job position you are interested in.
Review the job details, and if it aligns with your preferences and skills, click the "Apply" button again. We’ll take it from there, and let you know. We’re happy to welcome new Champers anytime!

If you’re a resident of Turkey, starting a Sole Proprietorship (SPC) could be a smart move, and it's quite straightforward to set up online. While we can certainly collaborate regardless, having your own company offers several advantages that you might find beneficial.

If you're residing in a European country or anywhere else in the world, the freelance work regulations of that country apply.

The simplest and easiest way to work freelance in Turkey is to establish a sole proprietorship and issue invoices. While you can deduct your expenses and pay your tax on the remaining earnings, you can also convert the VAT on your expenses into income. In addition, the Turkish government provides a range of financial incentives for those setting up a sole proprietorship for the first time.

While it's not mandatory, it is preferred. Once you've applied for a job, if we determine that you're suitable for the position, we'll reach out to request additional information to better assess your fit for the role. Following that, we'll provide soft skills training and any specific job-related training needed through Champs Academy to ensure you're well-prepared for the position.

Firstly, it's important to note that we are not a traditional call center that handles customer inquiries for one or many clients. What makes us special is the opportunity for you as a talent to be part of our Champs Academy, meaning that we will offer you opportunities to learn and grow. Also, when and how long your work is entirely up to you, as is the location, and the brand you choose to work for.

The choice is yours. Each job listing clearly specifies the working days and hours, allowing you to choose a position that aligns with your personal schedule and construct a workday that's customized to fit your lifestyle.

Absolutely. If you find a suitable match, you can engage in various projects simultaneously. For instance, you could provide phone support for one company during the day and handle webchat support for another in the evenings. Alternatively, you might work for one company in the morning and another in the afternoon. It is entirely up to you!

Yes, we operate under a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) approach. Typically, this entails having a laptop or desktop computer along with a headset equipped with a microphone. We'll support you in installing the necessary software (which we'll provide) to track your work progress effectively.

Typically, your invoices are processed within five days after the end of the billing month, and you will receive payment within ten days. Depending on the brand you work for, you may also be eligible for incentives, such as for calls that are shorter than average or for receiving high customer satisfaction scores (NPS).